Our analytical photogrammetry and aerial mapping department is one of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced in the nation. Cooper Aerial Surveys Co. has the capability to manage and execute projects of nearly unlimited scope in a timely manner. We are a leading mapping aerial photogrammetry company, specializing in:
  • Real Time Photogrammetry

  • Photogrammetry Accident Reconstruction

  • Remote Sensing

  • Photogrammetry Surveying

  • Erosion Control

  • Spherical Control

  • Spherical Photogrammetry

  • GPS & IMU

A series of strict quality control checks throughout the production process ensure that all digital mapping projects meet or exceed National Map Accuracy Standards.

Analytical Aerotriangulation

The first step in our photogrammetry process is analytical aerotriangulation (AT).

Analytical Aerotriangulation

Aerotriangulation is the process of setting up a mathematically derived surface by determining the relationship between the photographs and known ground control points. This process is the initial step in setting up the project for mapping. The tolerances of the AT program are dependent on map scale and surpass the National Map Accuracy Standards.

Stereo Compilation

Next, we collect data in 3D.

Stereo Compilation

We provide our clients with precise and accurate aerial photogrammetry. Cooper Aerial utilizes the most current hard and software to make accurate representation of the area of interest. We compile the planimetric features according to the project specifications.
During compilation, we compile spot elevation, grid points, and breaklines for DEM (Digital Elevation Model) generation. Contours are then generated from the DEM.

Aerial Cartography

The final phase of an aerial mapping project is editing.

Aerial Cartography

During the cartography process, extra detail is put into the final phase for Quality assurance and Quality Control. Our expert Cartography department combines and edits the compiled digital mapping data while examining the map a final time to ensure the utmost accuracy. It is then translated into the client’s specified format. All data is available on our FTP (file transfer protocol) for our clients to upload and download at anytime.

For a list of what is picked up at different mapping scales, contact us!