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Established in 1966, Cooper Aerial Surveys Co. remains a client-focused mapping firm, committed to producing quality, tailored products while providing cost-effective solutions.

We produce digital imagery from aerial photography, digital airborne scanners, and satellites. We have a full-service image processing division, geo-referencing and perform rectifications, translations, compression. We engineer programs and algorithms to supply or support most software packages.

Our digital photogrammetric services range from high altitude mineral exploration mapping to 1”= 20’ precise engineering design mapping. This includes earthwork and volumetric calculations, cross sectioning and profiling, as well as digital terrain modeling (DTM).

Cooper Aerial is one of the few mapping companies with its own aircraft, flight crew and photo lab. With production facilities in both Phoenix and Tucson, all of our work can be produced in-house. Having full control of a project, from beginning to end, allows us to apply rigorous quality controls to every phase of the project. This  ensures that any mapping or imagery project we undertake will meet or exceed National Mapping Accuracy Standards.

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