Wide Area Imagery

We have acquired approximately 14,000 Square Miles of Color Digital Ortho-Rectified imagery flown at 1:24000 in Color Stereo Analog Photography. The imagery has a ground sample distance of .8′ or 9.6″. Imagery is available to new and existing customers for internal use.

How May We Help You?

Cooper Aerial Surveys is honored to serve the South West Region for 48 years and counting. We compete everyday for your mapping projects by creating a rock solid foundation of GIS Data that is used in the field everyday. The tools that we provide that make your project flow seamlessly are effective communication and our long term experience. This experience also allows us the option to leverage traditional mapping solutions and emerging technologies such as Sensorgrammetry. Our personal philosophy is that having a high level of effective communication with our clients will provide a powerful catalyst to create a successful project.

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